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What are the types of UV protection products available?

There are two types of UV protection products available: UV absorbers and UV blockers. Both features can be found either in separate products or in one product. UV absorbers can absorb UV rays that are reflected onto skin and transform it into energy to be released.

However, the chemical reaction of different ingredients in the product may cause skin irritation. Research has led to a new kind of UV absorbers that have minimal contact with skin. UV blockers use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to reflect UV rays and prevent them from penetrating into skin.

Generally, UV blockers have lower skin irritation and are suitable for those with sensitive skin. However, since UV blockers always come in powder form, skin appears to have a white cast when the UV protection is applied. Recent developments into improving UV blockers have eliminated the problem. When choosing a UV protection product, make sure it is the most suitable for your skin.