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How do I ensure daily UV protection for senstive skin?

No matter indoors or outdoors, sunny or cloudy, UV rays have an impact on our skin. Here is how you can minimize skin’s contact with UV rays at different times of the day.

・Morning skin care steps
Apply UV protection after moisturizing your skin. Choose UV protection products that are gentle on skin.

Clothes can absorb UV rays. Dark coloured fabric can prevent UV rays' penetration. Light coloured clothing, if made from fabrics with high-density fibers, can also prevent UV exposure.

The colour of your umbrella will not affect its ability to block UV rays. However, considering people around us, we do suggest choosing a black umbrella as the colour does not reflect UV rays but absorb it.

Always wear a hat when outdoors. Hats with wider edges measuring more than 7cm can prevent about 60% of UV rays exposure.

・Cleansing and Moisturizing
It is important to thoroughly wash away UV protection products at the end of the day. Make sure you lather up sufficient foam to gently lift away dirt and impurities from your skin. Do not rub excessively. Always moisturize skin immediately after cleansing.