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What are surfactants?

Surfactants are chemical compounds that enable different elements such as oil and water to mix together. There are several kinds of surfactants, each of them with different features and for different uses.

Main features of surfactants:
1. Remove dirt.
2. Enable different compounds and elements to mix together.
3. Enable ingredients to better penetrate the skin and stay mixed.

An example of a surfactant at work is mayonnaise, a common item in our daily life. Oil and vinegar cannot be mixed together as they separate even after vigorous shaking. In mayonnaise, lecithin found in egg yolk acts as the surfactant that enables oil and vinegar to mix and not separate.

Main features of surfactants formulated in skincare products:
1. In cleansers, the main feature of surfactant is to remove dirt.
2. In moisture milk, the main feature of surfactant is to allow its ingredients to merge together easily to enhance the skincare product’s penetration into skin.