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What is the best way to blow-dry without causing stress to hair and scalp?

Towel-drying hair
After shampooing; use a towel to lightly pat on hair to remove excess water. Wrap the towel around your head and gently massage hair to wipe off water on scalp. Do not rub scalp or hair excessively.

Blow-drying hair
Use a powerful hair dryer to blow-dry hair for a short period of time. Always keep hair dryer at least 15cm to 20cm away from hair. Do not let hair dryer blow directly and constantly on a single area of your scalp.

Best way to blow-dry hair
It is more important to blow-dry hair roots than hair ends. Begin by placing your hands on hair roots, blow-drying from mid-length to hair ends. Run your hands through hair from root to tip as you blow-dry. When hair is about 80% dry, blow-dry the surface of hair and use your fingers to brush through hair.

Excessive heat from blow-dryer
Excessive heat can harm and damage your hair, therefore it is important not to let blow dryer to come too near your hair. You can reduce the heat of the blow dryer by keeping it 15cm to 20cm away from your hair.