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What is the most gentle way to wash the scalp and hair?

It is important to use the right cleansing method to avoid harming the hair and scalp during wash. Be careful not to leave shampoo or conditioner residue on the hair and scalp.

1. Comb hair from root to tip to detangle before shampooing as wet hair tends to tangle easily,
2. Wet hair and scalp thoroughly.
3. Spread an appropriate amount of shampoo on palms and then apply it to your hair. To avoid shampoo residue on your body, lean forward during washing.

Tips When Shampooing
Avoid harming scalp with fingernails. Use fingertips to massage gently in circles.

Pay extra attention to the six commonly neglected areas during shampooing. Please refer to the image.

Tips When Rinsing
Shampoo residue on the hair and scalp may cause skin problems. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water from back of neck to hair ends.
Run fingers through hair to check for residue.
Pay extra attention to the four commonly neglected areas during rinsing. Please refer to the image.

Tips When Conditioning
Take an appropiate amount of conditioner onto palms and apply on hair. Make sure conditioner does not come into contact with scalp. As with shampooing, rinse off completely until there is no residue.

Recommended usage amount of shampoo and conditioner:
● For mid-length hair: 2 pumps
● For long hair: 3 pumps