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What is the best way to wash my face that is gentle on skin?

For gentle yet thorough cleansing without rubbing, it is important to lather up facial wash before applying it onto face. Rinse off all residue completely. If we do not create sufficient foam, dirt cannot be removed completely, and you may be rubbing skin excessively.

When there is sufficient foam, it wraps skin to cleanse gently without excessive rubbing.

You can follow this gentle facial cleansing method:
1. First, wet your face.
2. Put an appropriate amount of facial wash onto palm. After lathering up foam, spread it on your palms.
3. Begin cleansing from area where sebum is most likely to be secreted, such as the nose. Lightly and gently spread foam around your face.
4. The rinsing step is very important. Use lukewarm water to rinse off thoroughly. Repeat about 10 times.The sides of the face are often neglected during cleansing. Use your right hand to cleanse the left side of your face, and your left hand to cleanse the right side.
5. After rinsing, use a soft towel to lightly pat dry face. (Tissue paper can also be used when you are experiencing skin rash.)

* If you have applied UV protection products on your neck and ears, remember to cleanse these areas as well.