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How can I remove makeup without causing stress to my skin?

A gel-type makeup remover is recommended for those with sensitive skin.

1. Put an appropriate amount of makeup remover in your palm. (Make sure your hands are dry. If makeup remover is mixed with water, its cleansing properties may be less effective.)

2. Spread out the makeup remover on your palms with your fingers.

3. Gently and slowly apply it onto your face, starting from your cheeks and T-zone (forehead -> nose-> chin) and extend outwards.

4. For the eye area, use two to three fingers to press lightly and gently massage makeup remover around eyes.
Remove eye makeup in this sequence: eyebrows -> eye shadow -> mascara.
Remove mascara starting from the root to tip of eyelashes. If mascara is not completely removed the first time, massage the area once more.

5. To remove lipstick, massage from the corners to the centre of lips.

6. Lightly and gently rinse with lukewarm water by cupping face with both palms. Do not rub skin excessively.