Merries Product FAQ

How do I store Merries diapers before the expiry date?


Under normal circumstances, Merries diapers should be used within three years from the date of manufacture. The materials used in the diapers have minimal chemical changes and can still be used after a period of time. If they are exposed to dust, moisture, and direct sunlight, the stickiness of the adhesive tapes may be reduced, or the diaper may show slight discolouration. However, it is still safe to use the diapers.

Store the diaper packs in a clean and dry area away from direct sunlight, before and after opening. After opening, ensure that the diapers are stored in a hygienic place to avoid exposure to dust and insects. Also, be sure to check each diaper before using. If the packs are stored in high temperature conditions, the packaging or the diapers may become deformed. Diapers may also absorb smells if they are stored in places with strong odours. Please store the diapers with care.

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