Body Wash

Men's Bioré ONE Refresh Herbal Green Hair / Scalp / Face / Body Wash

Men's Bioré ONE Refresh Herbal Green Hair/Scalp/Face/Body Wash is specifically designed for men, the perfect combination between Facial, Shampoo and Shower wash.

● Formulated with Japan Cleansing Technology & Smooth Cleaning formula, ONE helps to remove even the most stubborn of excessive sebum from pores without causing dryness to hair

● No preservatives added - Silicon-free, paraben-free, and mineral oil free

● Efficient, effortless, time and energy saving; perfect for smart and simple lifestyle

● The new icon of men's success, ONE brings you high quality premium Speedy Total Cleansing Solution from Japan that super-refreshes hair, face and body in just 1 WASH!

Body Wash


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