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Laurier Super Slimguard 22.5cm 10s

Enjoy protection and comfort during Light Flow Days with Superior Absorbency in 0.1CM.

200x Ultra Absorbent all in 0.1CM ultra thinness.
0.1CM Ultra Absorbent Sheet locks in 200x of fluid instantly, providing better protection during light flow days than pantyliner. Feel free to wear anything, anytime as you will barely feel it is there!
New flexi-form design fit snugly to your body, allowing you to be active regardless of the flow.

Extra Speed Absorbency
Revolutionary suction-like power absorbs so quickly even during sudden gushes.

Ultra Dryness with High Breathability.
Innovative Quick Dry Mesh Surface seals fluid within the centre core, reducing up to 80%* of wetness on the napkin surface, keeping you dry and comfortable.

*comparison with our company’s previous range

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