Makeup Cleansing

Biore Cleansing Oil-In-Cotton Makeup Remover Wipes Moisture Box 44s

Cleanse & Moist in Just 1 Wipe. The improved Biore Makeup Remover Wipes Moisture is infused with high cleansing efficacy Smooth Cleansing Oil that speedily dissolves & lifts away stubborn pore-clogging makeup residue (works even on Waterproof mascara) without excessive rubbing. With its Beauty Essence (Hyaluronic Acid), it helps restores skin moisture after each wipe. Ideal to rejuvenate tired skin with a supply & dewy look; lifting away impurities & reset skin to reveal radiantly porcelain complexion.

- Restore skin moisture after using thus no tight feeling
- Made with 100% Natural Fibre twhich cushions against friction when rubbing
- Ideal for makeup touch-ups
- Added with Fresh Aqua Floral Fragrance

Makeup Cleansing

Box 44s

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