Makeup Cleansing

Biore 3 Fusion Milk Cleansing Airy Fresh

Experience truly clean & fresh sensation in just 1 wipe with the first ever 3-phase remover that pampers skin with new sensorial richness for daily cleansing. With its high cleansing formula, each wipe works wondrously by melting away stubborn makeup while caress skin with a delicate softness.

Layer 1: High efficacy milk cleansing (works on waterproof makeup!)
Effortlessly erases and fasten removal of waterproof makeup residues without excessive rubbing.

Layer 2: Refreshing watery lotion
Instant refreshes for a truly clean sensation alike after face wash. No sticky residual feeling, no double cleanse needed.

Layer 3: Smoothing powder
Tones up skin for luminous glow with smooth touch

Makeup Cleansing


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