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New Identity, New Innovation and New Look Laurier

October 01, 2011

Laurier a brand trusted by millions of women in Asia now unveils a new look and with that new look, introduces new innovative features offering a complete range of sanitary products to satisfy different women needs.

Our driving force is always to provide greater comfort and peace of mind to women to feel as fresh and carefree to lead your active lifestyle and to do things you desire confidently even during the days of the month.

After all, each woman is different, and we in Laurier strive to gives a woman the confidence that comes with the satisfaction of taking good care of oneself both mentally and physically.

The laurel leaf has long been a symbol of celebration and achievement.  And what better way to celebrate women that with the introduction of the new Laurier logo, with its two different coloured laurel leaves, symbolising the women of the world.  The dark green leaf represents her strengths, and the light green represents her femininity.  Together, they represent the two sides of a woman that comes together in perfect harmony.  The way the laurel leaves are placed towards the sky symbolise the importance of vitality and freedom of today’s women.

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