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Liese Bubble Hair Colour Breakthrough Bubble Technology For Quick And Easy Hair Colouring

August 02, 2010

Unlike conventional emulsion-type hair dyes, Liese Bubble Hair Color by KAO Corporation is a new type of permanent hair colour that uses foam.

Bubble Technology was developed to solve the three main problems reported by consumers who are currently using conventional home-use hair colouring products. The problems were: Uneven hair colour, troublesome to apply and time-consuming colouring process.

KAO’s Research & Development (R&D) team develop all Liese products starting from littlest detail, using only the purest raw ingredients carefully selected to formulate these products. Coupled with our advanced technologies, the quality and results of each product can be well controlled. The R&D team constantly develop new innovative technologies and Bubble Technology is a perfect example of such new innovations.

With Bubble Technology, colouring your hair is just similar like using shampoo. You just need to apply and massage the foam into your hair. Foam can reach all over your head easily and quickly, helping you can achieve beautiful, evenly coloured hair.
Available in the top 10 popular colours from Japan, the following colours are perfect for Asian hair.

For the red-brown family, try have Sweet Pink – A shiny brown with a touch of pink, or Cassis Berry, a glamorous pink with a touch of brown.

For the orange-brown family, Liese proudly presents Mocha Orange – a soft orange.

For the brown family, which is also the most popular colour family, there are 5 different colours, namely Milk Tea Brown, Marshmallow Brown, Glossy Brown, Chestnut Brown and Dark Chocolate, each with a different brightness.

Next is Chiffon Beige is from the yellow-brown family which displays a soft, light brown with a touch of sunshine.

Lastly, for an exciting new look, Ash Brown gives a natural and soft brown colour with a hint of ash.

Starting this August, Liese Bubble Hair Colour will be available exclusively at selected AEON Wellness, Guardian, Sasa, Jusco and Watsons stores. Liese Bubble Hair Colour is priced at RM38 per box.
About Liese

Launched in 1980, Liese is the pioneer hairstyling brand in Japan and is still loved by many women as the top brand in Japan. Focusing on long-established ‘know-hows’ of hair styling trends to help consumers style on their own at home, product development is supported by unique polymer technology and original raw materials. For three decades now, KAO Hair Cosmetics continues to raise the bar on easily and beautifully styling Asian hair.
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