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Awaken The Beauty Within You with The New and Improved ASIENCE

March 01, 2010
Product Background

ASIENCE was launched in Japan in 2003 and later made its way to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and finally Malaysia in April 2009. This premium hair-care brand was first launched based on the concept of “Asian Beauty” – beauty that is unique to Asian women only, thus enabling Asian women to experience healthy, smooth, and supple hair from within.

The ASIENCE Deep Nourish range introduced at that time was successfully launched and was awarded ‘Best Asian Hair Care’ by Watson’s Health and Wellness, ‘Best Rinsed Out Treatment’ by Malaysian Women’s Weekly and ‘Best Shampoo’ by Cleo Magazine in Malaysia.

Building on this success, Kao Malaysia is proud to present its new and improved ASIENCE range with two product variants - Inner Rich (an improved formulation of Deep Nourish) for normal to dry, frizzy, damaged hair and hair that is prone to breakage, and Nature Smooth (New) for normal to oily scalp, hair that is prone to tangling and lacks volume. These products are formulated in Japan especially for the unique needs of Asian hair, nourishing and caring for it from within to make it healthy, beautiful and radiant from within.
The difference between Asian and Caucasian hair

Kao’s extensive research and development on the differences between Asian and Caucasian hair shows that Asian hair is rounder, thicker, straighter and has more cuticle layers that have a sharper slant than Caucasian hair. Because of this unique structure, Asian hair has beautiful suppleness and sways with your slightest movement, but is also more prone to damage from the environment and frequent hairstyling. With specialised care that is tailored to its specific needs, you can keep your hair in pristine condition and realise your full beauty potential.
Asian Energy Essence – Unlocking the Inner Beauty of Asian Hair

The ASIENCE hair care range features Kao’s unique Asian Energy Essence, a powerful blend of precious ingredients from across the Asia with beneficial properties to enhance the innate beauty of Asian women’s hair. The five key ingredients are Pearl Protein to repair damage to hair fibres, Camellia Oil and Ginseng Extract that penetrate and moisturise hair from the core, Shell Ginger Extract to soften and Aloe Extract to protect hair from the damaging effects of the modern environment.
M-18 Hair Beautifying Technology

18-MEA is a natural protective coat that wraps around the hair’s surface. It is easily depleted by constant exposure to chemical treatments, blow-drying, and harmful UV rays. It does not regenerate on its own, and without 18-MEA, hair becomes dull, dry, and rough, making it difficult to manage. After years of research, Kao has finally resolved the problem of 18-MEA depletion with its advanced “M-18 Hair Beautifying Technology” that naturally regenerates hair’s natural protective coat. Now you can experience incredibly smooth, soft, and supple hair that’s easy to manage and tangle-free!
ASIENCE Inner Rich

ASIENCE Inner Rich (an improved formulation of ASIENCE Deep Nourish) is specially formulated to replenish dry and damaged hair that is prone to breakage to help restore hair to its once original luster. ASIENCE Inner Rich contains the proprietary Asian Energy Essence and is also enriched with Royal Jelly Extract; a moisturising ingredient that restores brittle hair, keeping it strong and healthy from the core and smooth and supple to the ends.
ASIENCE Nature Smooth

The new ASIENCE Nature Smooth is created for normal to oily scalp, hair that is prone to tangling and lacks volume. Its Asian Energy Essence helps revitalise and enliven limp and dull hair, usually the result of an excessively oily scalp and damage due to tangling keeping hair light and bouncy from the roots.

ASIENCE Nature Smooth is also enriched with Rockweed Extract that gently cleanses oily hair, keeping it bouncy and lively after every wash.

ASIENCE Inner Rich and ASIENCE Nature Smooth range, which consists of shampoo, conditioner and treatment, is available at selected Watson’s, JUSCO Supermarkets and AEON Wellness outlets. The 220ml shampoo and conditioner are priced at RM14.90 each, while the 530ml range is priced at RM26.80. The 180g ASIENCE Inner Rich and ASIENCE Nature Smooth treatment are reasonably priced at RM26.80 each.
For more information about the ASIENCE product line, you can reach Kao Malaysia at
1800-88-4588 or log on to www.kao.com/my.
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