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Men’s Biore Helps Keep Skin in its Best Condition

4 ways towards a complete facial regimen for men
May 30, 2008

Men’s Biore, currently the market leader in the Men’s facial cleanser segment, introduces its new and improved line of facial care – The Men’s Biore Facial Foam. With a fresh design and new packaging, Men’s Biore is set on continuing it’s strong foot hole towards seeing tremendous growth in the coming years.

With increasing awareness and the upward trend of men’s personal care products, the need to provide a complete skin care regimen is crucial. With this in mind, Biore has developed a complete range of facial foams that have been specifically formulated to answer the needs of today’s active man.

Men’s Biore facial foam consists of Men’s Biore Active Refresh, Men’s Biore Energizing White, Men’s Biore Acne & Oil Block, and Men’s Biore Deep Clean Action. Each product offers a targeted solution towards men’s facial health.

Men’s Biore Active Refresh is specially formulated for oily and dull looking skin. It contains Astringents to help firm and refresh skin while effectively removing accumulated dirt, oil and impurities while leaving a long lasting icy cool feeling.

Men’s Biore Deep Clean Action contains Smoothing Beads to refine skin while the Super Clean Beads reaches deeply into pores to clean and exfoliate dead cells. It also contains Mineral Clay to help absorb excess sebum and removes it while washing.

Men’s Biore Acne & Oil Block has been formulated with Triclosan to combat acne-causing bacteria. It also contains Hyper Oil Absorbing Agents to continuously control sebum to leave a long lasting smooth feel effect and a oil- free feeling.

Men’s Biore Energizing White removes old and dull skin while rejuvenating it with its Skin Bright - Polishing Beads formulation. The added Crystal Powder leaves skin with a white matte and smooth effect that makes it visibly refined and brighter.

Men’s Biore facial foams are suitable for daily use and contain menthol to leave a masculine refreshing sensation throughout the day. Combined usage of facial foams will keep skin looking fresh, clean, healthy, and in its best condition.

Men’s Biore Facial Foams are in the market now and are competitively priced at
RM 6.50 per 50 gram and RM11.90 per 100 gram bottle each.

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