Urine stain prevention spray

リリーフ メンズブロック

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Notice of Discontinued Products

Production of this product ends on 2022/09/30 and will be discontinued as soon as we run out of stock in stores. Thank you very much for using our products for a long time.

A urine stain prevention spray that prevents urine stains and odor from getting on pants by just spraying on the outside of your regular underwear.
● Apply once to prevent urine stains for an entire day*
● Creates a mesh-like barrier to keep slight leaks from staining your pants
● Retains the comfort level of your underwear without compromising breathability
● One bottle lasts for about 75 applications (When sprayed 6 times per application)
* Effective for approximately 5 dribbles (When each dribble amount after urination is 2 ml)

Do not use the product if you are sensitive to alcohol

[Urine stain prevention spray]

Urine stain prevention spray

90 ml

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Precautions when sending products by air

● This product is classified as an aviation hazardous material as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Act.
● When requesting a carrier (e.g. post office) to ship the product, please inform them that this product is classified as an aviation hazardous goods.
● If the carrier requests more information about the product, please contact the Kao Consumer Communication Center.
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How to use ・ Precautions

How to use

How to use
When using for the first time, thoroughly press down the pump a few times until it starts to dispense the liquid.

① Before wearing underwear, spray from the outside, focusing on the areas where urine stains are likely to occur and making sure to spray broadly and evenly. (Spray about 10 cm away from underwear to lightly moisten: Spraying 6 to 8 times is recommended)
※ Do not spray on underwear while they are being worn.

② Put underwear on after it has completely dried. (About 5 to 10 minutes)

● Do not use a hair dryer, iron, or clothes dryer to dry. (Keep away from open flames)
● Hold the bottle upright and spray. Liquid may not come out when tilted.
● If you are worried about fading or staining, test on an inconspicuous area before use.

● Underwear that does not contain cotton or does not absorb water easily 
● Underwear that cannot be washed with water, such as silk
※ Product may not be effective on boxers that do not fit close to your body.


● Do not use for other than the intended use.
● Do not use near children or pets.
● The floor or tatami may become slippery if product is spilt. Make sure to wipe the floor a few times with a household detergent.
● Wipe off immediately if spray gets on to electronics and furniture.
● Do not spray near your face.
● Be careful not to get the product on skin or in eyes.
● Always put the cap on when not using the product.
● Ensure good ventilation and do not inhale the product.

Precautions for storing and handling
● Keep away from flames, direct sunlight and high temperatures.
● Carefully select the place to store the product in order to prevent small children or sufferers of dementia from accidentally swallowing the product.
● Do not refill to other containers. (May cause accidental use or change in quality.)

Place of origin 

Made in Japan

Size ・ EAN code

リリーフ メンズブロック

リリーフ メンズブロック
Content amount
90 ml
Number per carton
Size (mm)
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EAN code

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