Baby Diapers

メリーズ さらさらエアスルー 新生児用 5000gまで [90枚]

Gentle to skin through dermatology research. With excellent breathability through the Triple-Layer Air-Through System, the Soft Air-In-Cushion with two types of waves has been added on the surface that is in contact with skin. The center of the fluffy surface thoroughly absorbs pee. Maintains fluffiness even after absorbing♪ Long-lasting dryness of skin!
Both sides have small bumps to catch pee and poo without spreading! With new, soft and dimensional side gathers around the legs. Fits gently, prevents leakage from the sides and reduces marks!
● With color-changing wetness indicators (Change diapers when the three lines change color to blue)

Weight: From Newborn Up to 5,000 g

[Children's paper diapers (Tape diapers)]

Baby Diapers

90 diapers

● This product is non-hazardous material category by the Civil Aeronautics Act.

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