A sheet to apply on the neck that emits warm steam

めぐりズム 蒸気でグッドナイト 首もと あったかシート 無香料 [12枚入]

Even when you feel stiff, plenty of steam helps you relax deeply.
About 30 minutes of approximately 40℃ gentle steam at the base of neck where you feel comfortable warmth.
Plenty of steam gently warms the base of the neck, helping you relax deeply.
The comfort is reminiscent of having a steamed towel placed on your neck.
The sheet warms up just by opening the package, so you can conveniently use it whenever and wherever you want. The product can be used before going to bed, when relaxing at home, or when you need to relax during a flight or other trip.

*The product is not a medical device

[Sheets for the neck]

A sheet to apply on the neck that emits warm steam

12 sheets

● This product is non-hazardous material category by the Civil Aeronautics Act.

● Information such as "How to use" and "Precaution" for products listed on this site is based on the laws of Japan, as well as lifestyle customs and living environments in Japan.
● Please check "How to use" and "Precaution" listed on the product package before buying the product and using it.
● The usage information and precaution may change in conjunction with product renewal.
● 掲載している製品の使用方法や使用上の注意事項などの情報は、日本の法律や、生活習慣・生活環境にもとづいています。
● ご購入、ご使用の前には、その製品のパッケージに記載されている使用方法や注意事項などをご確認ください。
● 使用方法や使用上の注意事項などは、製品の改良に伴い、変更になる場合があります。

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