Leg patch

めぐりズム 炭酸で やわらか足シート ラベンダーミントの香り 6枚入

Feel refreshed instantly. Cooling and comfortable leg patch. Refreshing feel soothes. The refreshing feel of menthol (refreshing ingredient) lasts for about 6 hours. Soft gel sheet with carbonic acid (foaming agent). Disposable and hygienic to use, the sheets are convenient to use anytime and anywhere! Recommended for applying on calves and soles after standing a lot and walking around at work, or playing sports. Lavender Mint Scent

Leg patch


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Precautions when sending products by air

● This product is not classified as an aviation hazardous material as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Act when sent by air.

How to use ・ Precautions

How to use

How to use
Remove the sheet from the pouch, immediately peel off the film and apply directly to skin
* Each pouch contains 2 sheets. When opened, carbonic acid, menthol, and other substances in the sheet will volatilize. Use both sheets immediately. Sheets cannot be stored after opening.

● Apply the sheet so that it won't wrinkle and become loose or peel off
● Sheet may peel off easily due to moisture (sweat, etc.), oil (cream, etc.), or reapplying multiple times
* Product sensation may vary depending on the usage environment.

Tips on how to apply
Immediately after application, lightly press the entire sheet for a while to help the gel blend into the skin and fit easily.

When removing from skin, remove little by little, slowly from one edge


Precautions before usage
Do not use if any of the following apply:
● Are sensitive to adhesive plaster or have suffered from rashes
● Are sensitive to menthol

Do not apply this product to:
● Areas with inflammation, wounds, swelling, rash or any other skin problem
● Mucous membranes, face (around eyes, etc.)
● Any part of the body being treated with patch medications or topical medications, etc.

Consult a physician or pharmacist if you:
● Are under the care of a physician
● Have experienced an allergic reaction (rash, redness, itchiness, irritation, etc.) to medications or cosmetics

Please follow the precautions below for safe use.
* When this product is applied to infants, children, disabled individuals or individuals with dementia, etc., close supervision is necessary.

● Stop using the product immediately when you feel pain or discomfort, or feel some abnormality in your body
● If you experience rashes or dermatitis, or continue to experience redness, itchiness, tingling, or any other skin problem, stop usage and consult a physician
* The sheet may cause temporary redness to the skin after application.
● If you walk with the sheet on the soles of your feet, you may be prone to slipping
* If the gel gets on your skin, wipe off or rinse with lukewarm water or water. 
● Do not reuse sheets for hygienic reasons

Precautions for storing and disposing
● Store in a place out of the reach of infants, children and sufferers of dementia, etc.
● Be careful not to damage the pouch
● Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures
● Do not store in freezers
● For disposal, discard in accordance with the rules of your community

Place of origin 

Made in Japan

Size ・ EAN code

めぐりズム 炭酸で やわらか足シート ラベンダーミントの香り 6枚入

めぐりズム 炭酸で やわらか足シート ラベンダーミントの香り 6枚入
Content amount
Number per carton
Size (mm)
ITF code on carton

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