ロリエ デオプラス パンティライナー フレッシュローズの香り 62コ入

    • Discontinued Product

Notice of Discontinued Products

Production of this product ends on 2022/04/24 and will be discontinued as soon as we run out of stock in stores. Thank you very much for using our products for a long time.

Proprietary Ag deodorizer with anti-bacterial effects* reduces concerning odor from discharges with the power of silver! ● Fully locks in discharges for lasting dryness ● Prevents stuffiness through full breathability sheet ● Fits with underwear and doesn’t get twisted ● Fresh Rose Scent * Suppresses the proliferation of bacteria on the surface that has antibacterial finishing. This does not guarantee that it will suppress the proliferation of all types of bacteria.



Precautions when sending products by air

● This product is not classified as an aviation hazardous material as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Act when sent by air.

How to use ・ Precautions


Use on days other than during your menstrual period.
Consult a physician if product causes discomfort to your skin.
Use the individual wrap for packaging and disposal after use.
Do not flush the product down the toilet.

Storage precautions
Store product in sanitary conditions after opening so that dust and bugs won't enter.

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Size ・ EAN code

ロリエ デオプラス パンティライナー フレッシュローズの香り 62コ入

ロリエ デオプラス パンティライナー フレッシュローズの香り 62コ入
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