キュレル ディープモイスチャースプレー [250g] 【医薬部外品】

    • Quasi-drug 

Fine Ceramide-functioning ingredient penetrates deep into the skin (stratum corneum). One spray keeps skin moisturized and soft.
● Contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient (active ingredient). Prevents skin roughness
● Contains a moisturizing ingredient (Eucalyptus globulus extract)
● For the entire body, including the back and lower back that are difficult to care for
● Replenish moisture to your face and body anytime and anywhere all day. After a shower. Over makeup. Can be used on the delicate skin of children
※ Hexadecyloxy PG Hydroxyethyl Hexa Decanamide

This product is an aerosol product. Be careful of high temperatures during use and disposal.
Can be used without shaking.

[Mist lotion (for face and body)]


250 g

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Precautions when sending products by air

  • This product is classified as an aviation hazardous material as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Act.
  • When requesting a carrier (e.g. post office) to ship the product, please inform them that this product is classified as an aviation hazardous goods.
  • If the carrier requests more information about the product, please contact the Kao Consumer Communication Center.

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How to use ・ Precautions

Registered name


How to use

How to use
Spray in a circular motion about 20 cm away from the skin, then blend with the palms of your hands. The product can also be sprayed with the container upside down.
Can also be used over makeup.


● Do not use this product on sensitive or problem areas, such as open wounds, swelling or rashes
● Pay close attention while using the product to see if your skin experiences problems. Stop use and consult a dermatologist if it does not suit your skin, if you experience redness, swelling, itching, irritation, loss of color (e.g. white blotches) or darkening during use, or if the above conditions appear after your skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Continuing to use the product may worsen these symptoms
● Avoid contact with eyes. If it gets in the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Consult an ophthalmologist if you continue to feel discomfort in your eye
● Keep out of reach of children. When using on a child's face, a parent or guardian should spray the product on their palm before applying on a child.
● Close your eyes and mouth when using on your face. Do not directly inhale the product. Avoid prolonged spraying
● Tightly close the cap after use
● Do not store in extremely high or low temperatures or under direct sunlight
● The product may get hot and burst if it is placed in the direct air flow from a fan heater or near the air-blow port of a bathroom dryer
● Be careful not to let the product get onto clothing
● The floor may become slippery if product is spilt onto the floor. If it is spilt, wipe immediately

Keep away from high temperatures
This product is pressurized. Take the following precautions:
① Do not leave the product in an environment that will exceed 40°C.
② Do not put product in fire.
③ Drain the product completely before disposal.
Contains nitrogen gas

Place of origin 

Made in Japan

Size ・ EAN code

キュレル ディープモイスチャースプレー [250g] 【医薬部外品】

Registered name
Content amount
250 g
Number per carton
Size (mm)
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EAN code

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