Bath additive

キュレル 入浴剤 [つめかえ用] 【医薬部外品】

    • Quasi-drug 
    • eco

"Ceramide care *1” keeps skin “super moist” and healthy, and resistant to roughness caused by environmental factors.
Moisturizing ingredients (ceramide-functioning ingredient*2, eucalyptus globulus extract) penetrate deep into the stratum corneum swelled by bathing. Moisturizes even flaky skin and prevents dryness after bathing.
Enhances bathing effects and also effective for skin prone to roughness and eczema. (Contains rice bran oil)
Gentle enough to be used on a baby's delicate skin.
● Milky white water
*1 Care that effectively reinforces the Ceramide function to hydrate the skin
*2 Hexadecyloxy PG Hydroxyethyl Hexa Decanamide

[Bath additive]

Bath additive

360 ml (About 12 applications)

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Precautions when sending products by air

● This product is not classified as an aviation hazardous material as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Act when sent by air.

How to use ・ Precautions

Registered name



Precautions when refilling
Make sure to pour the refill into an emptied bottle
of “キュレル入浴剤(Curél入浴剤P).”

Do not clean the bottle or measuring cap, and refill as is.
If water gets into the bottle, the contents may separate.

* Replace with a refill only after the main bottle is completely finished. Make sure not to mix it with other products.
* After refilling, write down the serial number on the bottom of this package.
It may be required for inquiries.

Tips to refill without spilling
① Tilt the bottle slightly to hold.
② Firmly insert the spout into
the bottle opening.
③ Pour while slowly tilting
to avoid spilling the liquid.

● Consult a physician before use if you have skin or physical conditions
● Stop use and consult a physician if you experience skin rashes,
redness, itching and irritation or other discomfort during or after use
● If the undiluted solution gets into your eyes,
rinse the eyes immediately.
● This product is not drinkable. Perform first-aid procedures such as drinking water when significant amounts
have been ingested
● Do not use for purposes other than bathing.
● Leftover water can be used for shampooing. However, use clean water for rinsing
● The used bathing water may be used for washing clothes, however the cleaning effectiveness may decrease. Use clean water for rinsing.
* If there is difficulty tearing the spout by hand, open by using scissors

Place of origin 

Made in Japan

Size ・ EAN code

キュレル 入浴剤 [つめかえ用] 【医薬部外品】

Registered name
Content amount
360 ml (About 12 applications)
Number per carton
Size (mm)
ITF code on carton

EAN code

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