Lip care

キュレル リップケアクリーム 【医薬部外品】

    • Quasi-drug 

For lips vulnerable to dryness and roughness.
“Ceramide care*” provides lasting moisture.
Adhesive coating formula. Continues to firmly adhere while sealing in moisture in the lips.
Moisturizing ingredient (Ceramide-functioning ingredient) fully infuses the lip stratum corneum and protects against dryness and other environmental stimulation.
Keeps the lips from becoming dry and chapped. Contains an antiphlogistic ingredient (active ingredient).
For daily lip care and as a primer used for layering under lipstick.
* Effectively reinforces the ceramide function to hydrate the skin
※ Hexadecyloxy PG Hydroxyethyl Hexa Decanamide

[Lip Cream]

Lip care

4.2 g

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How to use ・ Precautions

Registered name


How to use

How to use
Extend 2 to 3 mm and lightly and gently apply to the lips. Twist down to the tip of the stick after use and close the cap tightly.
◆ Do not extend 5 mm or more because the stick is soft. Lip stick may deform if it is twisted up or down too much.


● Do not store the product in high temperatures or under direct sunlight.
● When applying after meals, wipe around the lips before application.
● Do not use the product on sensitive or problem areas, such as open wounds and rashes.
● Stop using the product and consult a dermatologist if you experience skin redness, itchiness, or irritation. Continuing to use the product may worsen these symptoms.
● Keep the product out of the reach of infants or young children.

Place of origin 

Made in Japan

Size ・ EAN code

キュレル リップケアクリーム 【医薬部外品】

Registered name
Content amount
4.2 g
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