Bath additive

バブ for SKIN 素肌さらすべタイプ さわやかな緑茶の香り [12錠入]

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Notice of Discontinued Products

Production of this product ends on 2022/09/30 and will be discontinued as soon as we run out of stock in stores. Thank you very much for using our products for a long time.

A bath additive with “carbonation power” that delivers superior bathing water quality. Enhances bathing effects and relieves fatigue, cold hands and feet.
Specially formulated for comfort, contains instant sweat drying powder and alum (a base). Quickly dries sweat after bathing and reduces stickiness, leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable and your skin smooth and silky.
Light, smooth and comfortable bathing water quality.
● Contains amino acids and removes chlorine from tap water to relieve the tingling sensation of bath water.
● Refreshing Green Tea Scent
● The product can be used when bathing with an infant as well
● Water color: Fresh Green (transparent type)
※Silica powder

[Bath additive (tablet type)]

Bath additive

40 g x 12 tablets

Precautions when sending products by air

● This product is not classified as an aviation hazardous material as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Act when sent by air.

How to use ・ Precautions

Registered name


How to use

How to use
Put one tablet into a bathtub filled with warm water (150 to 200 L),
dissolve completely and stir well
before bathing.
Bringing your face close to the bubbling tablet may occasionally
cause coughing.
Benefits will last for a long time because the carbonated gas is dissolved into warm water
even after bubbling has stopped. Bathing within 2 hours after dissolving the tablet
is most effective.
● Use the product immediately after opening.
● The product can be used when bathing with an infant as well


The product is not edible

● Do not use the product together with other bath additives. ● Do not use for purposes other than bathing. ● Keep out of reach of children.
● Carefully select the place to store the product in order to prevent sufferers of dementia from accidentally swallowing the product. ● Keep away from areas with high temperatures.

About your body
● Consult a physician before use if you have
skin or physical conditions. ● Stop use and consult a physician if you experience skin rashes, redness, itchiness
and irritation or other discomfort
during or after use. ● Perform first-aid procedures such as drinking water when accidentally ingested.

About the bathtub and water heater
● Visit the バブ website because the product cannot be used
with some water heater models. ● The product does not contain sulfur that causes damage to bath tubs and bath heaters. ● Do not use
in natural marble and wooden bathtubs. ● The bath additive’s coloring may adhere to bathtub dirt causing a stain.
Clean the bathtub dirt with bath detergent
as soon as possible. ● The powder may stick to dirt on the bath heaters and pipes,
and may come out when the water is reheated. Rinse off remaining powder on the filter of the circulation port
or in the bathtub after use. Follow the instructions of the water heater for care.

About usage of leftover water
Precautions when washing clothing
● Leftover water can be used for laundry.
However, use clean water (tap water) for rinsing and softening. Do not use when soaking, washing new clothing or
using detergents for wools
or other delicate clothing.
● Do not use the washing machine's bath water supply pump
because the powder
can clog the filter.

Precautions for watering plants
● Do not use water containing the product to water plants because it contains significant amounts of
inorganic salts.

Place of origin 

Made in Japan

Size ・ EAN code

バブ for SKIN 素肌さらすべタイプ さわやかな緑茶の香り [12錠入]

Registered name
Content amount
40 g x 12 tablets
Number per carton
Size (mm)
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EAN code

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