Facial pack ・Facial mask

ビオレ 毛穴すっきりパック 鼻用+気になる部分用

Sheet-format pack that thoroughly removes pore-clogging blackheads and impurities. The set contains strips for the nose, and for areas of concern. Sheet with a 3-D design fits onto the very edges of the sides of the nose. ※ Pores will be back to the state before impurities opened them, 1 to 2 days after applying the pack.

Facial pack ・Facial mask


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How to use ・ Precautions

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How to use

How to use
Recommended usage is once a week.

① With dry hands, remove the strips from the pouch. With the clear film to the front, open the perforated area a little with your fingers and then peel off the film.
* There are no slits in the strips for areas of concern.
* Once opened, use the pack immediately.
② Thoroughly wet with water the area (nose, forehead, chin, etc.) where you will apply the strip.
③ Dry wet hands thoroughly. Apply strip to skin, smooth side down, pressing down to ensure good contact with skin.
④ Let dry until stiff to the touch. (In the summer: approximately 10 to 15 minutes / In the spring, autumn and winter: approximately 5 to 10 minutes)
* Be careful not to let the pack get too dry as it gets too hard and can cause skin damage such as skin peeling if forcefully peeled off.
⑤ Slowly and carefully peel off starting at the edges.
* Do not peel off the pack all in one go from one side.
* If you let the pack get too dry, or experience terrible pain when peeling it off, stop peeling it off at once, wet the pack thoroughly with water and peel off slowly.
* If there is residue left on the skin, rinse off with water.


Do not let strip get too dry / Avoid using around the eyes

● Do not use the product on sunburnt areas, or problems areas with wounds, swelling, acne, rashes and puffiness, or around eyes.
● Do not use the product if you are sensitive to plasters.
● Pay close attention while using the product to see if your skin experiences problems. Stop using the product and consult a dermatologist if it does not suit your skin, if you experience redness, swelling, itching, irritation, loss of color (e.g. white blotches) or darkening during use, or if the above conditions appear after your skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Continuing to use this product may worsen these symptoms.

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Made in Japan

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ビオレ 毛穴すっきりパック 鼻用+気になる部分用

ビオレ 毛穴すっきりパック 鼻用+気になる部分用
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