and and ゆったりと エアリーピーチの香り シャンプー [ポンプ]

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Notice of Discontinued Products

Production of this product ends on 2022/03/31 and will be discontinued as soon as we run out of stock in stores. Thank you very much for using our products for a long time.

Mix & match according to your mood, scent and preferred design. Shampoo & treatment designed to enjoy different combinations.
Based on sensitivity science, the fragrance was formulated to provide comfort. Contains carefully selected naturally-derived fragrances.
A shampoo committed to providing hair care for you.
● Silicone-free formula.
● Quick-lathering fluffy foam
● Smooths and does not leave hair coarse
● Free of pearl agents and colorants
● Relaxed Airy Peach Scent



480 ml

Precautions when sending products by air

● This product is not classified as an aviation hazardous material as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Act when sent by air.

How to use ・ Precautions

Registered name



● Do not use the product if you have a problem such as a wound or rash on your scalp ● Stop using the product
if you experience irritation or other conditions and consult a dermatologist
● Be careful not to let the product get in the eyes when pressing down the pump or during use. If it gets in the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
● Carefully select the place to store the product in order to prevent small children or sufferers of dementia from accidentally swallowing the product

Place of origin 

Made in Japan

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and and ゆったりと エアリーピーチの香り シャンプー [ポンプ]

and and ゆったりと エアリーピーチの香り シャンプー [ポンプ]
Registered name
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480 ml
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