8×4 フットシート

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Notice of Discontinued Products

Production of this product ends on 2022/09/30 and will be discontinued as soon as we run out of stock in stores. Thank you very much for using our products for a long time.

Wipes off the cause of odor, stickiness and dirt from feet, leaving them cool and clean.
● The three-layered, single-sided sheet cleans your feet without getting your hands dirty
● Can be used over bare feet or stockings and dries quickly
● Contains foot odor refreshing fragrance

Do not use the product if you are sensitive to alcohol, have sensitive skin, or on infants.

[Foot wipes]


16 sheets

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Precautions when sending products by air

● This product is not classified as an aviation hazardous material as defined by the Civil Aeronautics Act when sent by air.

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8×4 フットシート

8×4 フットシート
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16 sheets
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