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Using Low Environmental Impact Corrugated Boxes —Eco-Friendly Transportation—

Using Low Environmental Impact Corrugated Boxes —Eco-Friendly Transportation—

Using Low Environmental Impact Corrugated Boxes —Eco-Friendly Transportation—

Switching to corrugated boxes with less environmental impact

To reduce environmental impact at all stages of the manufacturing process, Kao has created socially responsible procurement standards and is cooperating with its raw material suppliers and other partner organizations.

Reducing packaging materials as well as environmental impact and production costs

To ensure secure transportation of products from plants to logistics centers and retailers, Kao uses a large amount of corrugated boxes. Having fulfilled its vital role during transportation, the corrugated boxes is recycled.
After ensuring that thinner corrugated boxes would still function properly during transport, in 2007 Kao gradually reduced the thickness of the corrugated boxes from 5 mm to 4 mm in order to lessen environmental impact.
Additionally, Kao has made various modifications to corrugated box configurations, such as removing internal partitions and introducing corner-cut boxes.

By making these changes to thickness and structure, Kao has improved the transport and storage efficiency of the corrugated board before it is assembled into boxes. As a result of these improvements, in 2016 CO2 emissions were reduced by 150 metric tons in comparison to 2015's levels.

Raising efficiency in distribution and storage by modifying corrugated boxes thickness and configuration.

Introducing Japan's first FSC-certified corrugated boxes

In accordance with its sustainable paper and pulp procurement guidelines, Kao is committed to changing all of the paper and pulp used in its products, packaging, and office supplies to recycled or sustainable, eco-friendly versions by 2020. In March 2016, Kao introduced the use of Japan's first corrugated boxes certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).* By the end of 2017, 80% of the corrugated boxes Kao used globally were changed to FSC-certified paper.
*Based on a survey of Kao's paper and corrugated boxes suppliers

Shipping bathroom cleaning products in boxes made of FSC-certified corrugated board

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