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Making Products Using Renewable Energy —Pursuing Low Environmental Impact—

Making Products Using Renewable Energy —Pursuing Low Environmental Impact—

Making Products Using Renewable Energy —Pursuing Low Environmental Impact—

Actively incorporating renewable energy and lowering CO2 emissions

To reduce CO2 emissions across all business operations, Kao is working toward effective energy use and using low impact energy sources at its laboratories, plants, distribution and logistics centers, and offices.

Promoting CO2 emission reductions at production bases around the world

Measures against global warming are an important international issue. Therefore, at production bases around the world, we are raising our fuel usage efficiency by introducing energy saving equipment and using steam more efficiently.

Switching to eco-friendly energy sources

We are promoting the use of low environmental impact energy by using natural gas and purchasing electricity with low CO2 emissions at our factories in countries and regions where the infrastructure is available.
First and foremost is the introduction of a co-generation system that simultaneously produces electricity and heat from primary energy sources such as oil and gas, resulting in a huge reduction in electricity purchases at our plants. By recovering the heat produced during electricity production in boilers and reusing it as thermal energy, our previous energy efficiency level of 35% for electricity has improved to 70-80 percent.

Additionally, we have introduced heat pump technology that makes possible the recovery of energy from chilled water/air transfer to make hot water/hot air. This allows us to simultaneously produce hot water/hot air and cold water/cold air, thus greatly reducing both energy usage and CO2 emissions.

Heat pump structure

All of the electricity used from 2014 at Kao Manufacturing Germany GmbH, and from 2016 at Kao Chemicals GmbH in Germany and Molton Brown in the UK, has been replaced with 100% renewable energy sources.

Engineers evaluating energy use reduction

Kao Chemicals Germany plant

In Japan as well, Kao is promoting the use of renewable energy sources. We carefully consider CO2 emissions reduction when deciding where to purchase electricity and we use solar power at various sites, including the Wakayama Plant and the Atsugi Logistics Center, among other plants. In 2016, our in-house solar panels produced 459 MWh of electricity, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 226 metric tons.
The Kao Group will continue to take a comprehensive approach to the reduction of CO2 emissions around the world.

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