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Using Products Developing Our Ultra-Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent —Research on Water-Saving Products—

Using Products Developing Our Ultra-Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent —Research on Water-Saving Products—

Using Products Developing Our Ultra-Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent —Research on Water-Saving Products—

Saving water, energy, and time: Attack Neo

Ultra-concentrated liquid laundry detergent Attack Neo is the first product to embody Kao’s Eco Together concept. Its compact product design and reduced rinse cycles save water, energy, and time. While being environmentally friendly, it still delivers the washing power and antibacterial properties required of laundry detergent.

High cleansing power and concentrated detergent composition lead to eco-friendly laundry

The ability to remove dirt and odors is a requirement for laundry detergents. Kao developed its eco-washing technology with this in mind.

Testing washing efficiency changes due to differences in water quality and washing machines around the world

Since Kao released the compact powder detergent Attack in 1987, it has been demonstrated that powerful washing is possible even when using small amounts of detergent. The Attack brand has repeatedly advanced efforts to reduce environmental impact. A compact design reduces energy consumption during production and distribution. It also reduces the amount of packaging materials used.
Attack Neo was released in August 2009 as a fast acting detergent that easily rinses from fabrics. Before that, two rinse cycles had been necessary while doing laundry in Japan, but Attack Neo’s new formula required only one rinse cycle. At the same time, the higher efficiency of the ultra-concentrated liquid laundry detergent required less liquid during each use, which meant that package sizing could be significantly reduced as well. Due to Attack Neo’s savings on water, energy, and time, it was awarded the Environment Minister’s Prize at the 2010 Eco Products Awards.
In 2013, we went one step further with Ultra Attack Neo, featuring our revolutionary detergent surfactant Ultra Anion. High detergency is achieved in half the time, significantly reducing the washing time.

Testing stain removal prototypes under various conditions

Reducing environmental impact through fundamental research on concentration

As one part of fundamental technology research, Kao started focusing on the theme of reducing environmental impact back in 2002. The birth of Attack Neo arose from research aimed at Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)* and efforts to develop a highly concentrated liquid detergent.

Reducing excess water through concentration not only cuts back on the amount of water needed while doing laundry, but also reduces total product weight, packaging volume, and the amount of CO2 produced during transportation. Kao is attempting to contribute to the environment through the entire product life cycle, from manufacturing, distribution and sales to consumption and disposal.

*Life Cycle Assessment: A system for evaluating the environmental impact of products from the selection of raw materials all the way through manufacturing, distribution, sales, consumption, and disposal. 

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