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Kao's contribution to SDGs - short film posted on Reuters online

A short film introducing Kao's challenge to tackle plastic waste is now available for viewing on Reuters special website dedicated to businesses that contribute to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Single-use plastic packaging waste and its impact on pollution in the ocean has become a topic of intense concern among consumers all over the world. Kao, a leader in innovative packaging in its home market of Japan, has transformed the marketplace with its refill packaging that are easy to use and adopt by consumers. As a result, total weight of plastic used in packages for the household and personal care categories has been reduced by 74%. Furthermore, to help ensure that what plastic we do use get recycled, Kao has also started piloting a program called RecyCreation, where it works together with local governments, NGOs and communities to collect refill pouches for recycling.

The short film features Kao's continuous innovation to reduce plastic use through refill and replacement packaging, as well as efforts to engage consumers in recycling through the RecyCreation program. The film also introduces Kao's next challenge in innovation to transform the world of packaging with mono-material film with the ultimate goal of "zero ocean plastic waste, 100% recyclable, and zero residue".


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