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FY2015 Report on Corporate Citizenship Activities

Kao Group continued to conduct activities in fiscal 2015 in the focus areas of the environment, education, and community under the theme of "Creating an Environment and Developing Human Resources to Nurture the Next Generation."

In 2006, Kao defined its corporate citizenship activity guidelines, themes and priority focus areas aligned with the Kao Way in order to realize the satisfaction and enrichment of people's lives. To date, Kao has conducted ongoing activities as a corporate citizen with a focus on supporting the social foundation and contributing to building a better society.

For example, in recognition of 15 years of ongoing activities and results, the Kao Creating Forests for Everyone program received a commendation of merit from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in October 2015 for urban greening in fiscal 2015 urban greening and urban park development, conservation, and beautification campaigns. This subsidy program was started in 2000 to cultivate nature nationwide in Japan together with citizen groups that protect the environment. The program has given support to 411 groups over the 15 years.
Corporate citizenship activities should not be one-time events, but should build the social foundation and affect social change from a long-term perspective. The Kao Creating Forests for Everyone program has been conducted while modifying the activities based on social needs and changes. Currently, the program is an embodiment of "eco together" and is conducted as a program to develop both the environment and people.

As business has developed globally, in recent years the expectations placed on Kao include both activities as a corporate citizen to support the social foundation and efforts to contribute to society through business that lead to business expansion. Kao believes in the importance of integrating the various activities, aligning them in a unified direction, and contributing to a sustainable society.

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