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Corporate Citizenship Activities Report--Fiscal 2018

The Kao Group engages in corporate citizenship activities with a focus on the environment, education, and community under the theme of "Creating an Environment and Developing Human Resources to Nurture the Next Generation." Through its activities, Kao aims to realize the satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people, which is at the heart of its corporate philosophy, the Kao Way.

Kao makes efforts to contribute to society in two ways: through its core businesses by mobilizing knowledge and resources; and through corporate citizenship activities that help develop human resources and build a foundation for creating a healthier society.

Kao has released its Corporate Citizenship Activities Report--Fiscal 2018. The report describes detailed information in and outside Kao on Kao's three main focus fields; activities that aim to make contributions to society in areas related to Kao's business; and initiatives with the aim of contributing to society as a good corporate citizen.

In the field of hygiene and sanitation, which is related to its business, Kao has been providing support for a project to improve school sanitation in partnership with UNICEF in Vietnam. As certain results have been achieved, including eradicating open defecation in a total of 240 villages in An Giang province, the activities have expanded to northern Dienbien province since 2018.
Menarche and menstrual education are also emphasized, and support systems for menstrual education have been put in place throughout Japan. In order to providing educational materials to 20,000 elementary schools in Japan, Kao continues its activities. In addition, Kao started to support menstrual hygiene education in Banten province, Indonesia in 2018 and has established systems to broadly expand the education in an attempt to improve the situation, school girls' absence from school due to lack of right knowledge on menstruation.

Kao has supported for the JSEC (High School Science and Technology Contest) to contribute to nurturing future scientists and engineers in one of the corporate citizenship activities, "Developing Human Resources to Create Healthier Society."
The 2018 Kao award-winning students were granted participation in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair or ISEF in the US, and won Grand Award in physics and astronomy.
Under the theme of corporate citizenship activities that help create a healthy society, Kao has supported "Kao Social Entrepreneurship Schools" since 2010. Kao established a new theme, "Create New Lifestyles", in 2017, and have provided assistance to entrepreneurs trying to solve social issues such as poverty, educational inequality and independence of people with disabilities.

The Kao group is moving forward with activities contributing to society as a good corporate citizen through its business.

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