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Pilipinas Kao, Inc. (Philippines) Received Environmental Performance Award

In April 2015, Pilipinas Kao Incorporated (PKI), which produces fatty alcohols and industrial chemical products in the Philippines, received "PEZA Environmental Performance Award" from the government of the Philippines.
The awarding ceremony was held at a dinner party hosted by PEZA in capital Manila on April 23, and the trophy was presented by President Aquino.

Promotion of environmental improvement activities in Pilipinas Kao, Inc.

Scene from the awarding ceremony

Scene from the awarding ceremony

PEZA stands for "Philippine Economic Zone Authority," and it is a governmental organization to support the operations of businesses located within the areas declared by the President as special economic zones for export. It started in 1995 as a measure to attract foreign capital, which has resulted in 300 special economic zones and 3,500 businesses at present.

Environment and safety team members from Pilipinas Kao, Inc.

Environment and safety team members from Pilipinas Kao, Inc.

Every year, PEZA gives environmental awards to several businesses with excellent activities for the environment, and 3 companies including PKI were awarded this year. Their examination standards include 1) Introduction and operation of an environmental management system, 2) Records of improvements in environmental measures such as energy saving, 3) Legal compliance for environmental regulations, and 4) Measures for the environmental protection.

PKI was certified by PEZA in 2001. It produces and supplies fatty alcohols and other products by using coconut oil as main raw material.

In 2014, PKI addressed total CO2 emissions reduction of approximately 5% through reduction of fuel oil use in boiler facilities by 15% and reduction of electricity use in various facilities by 26% compared to the previous year. In addition, environmental protection projects such as mangrove planting and beach cleanup which they implement as CSR activities were also evaluated.
These efforts for improvements such as energy saving and CO2 reduction as well as efforts and records of environmental protection projects were highly valued in this award.

PKI continues to strive for environmental conservation and sustainability together with regional communities.

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