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SAICM Promotion Policy

"SAICM *1 Promotion Policy" defines the fundamental matters in Kao Group companies (hereinafter referred to as "Kao") for the chemicals management in accordance with SAICM. Through SAICM activities, Kao promotes the sound management of the chemicals it handles throughout their entire life-cycle from development and manufacturing to use and disposal in order to contribute to the realization of sustainable societies.

  1. *1 SAICM: Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (The strategy on which it has agreed by first International Conference on Chemicals Management in 2006)

SAICM Promotion Policy

(1) Development and Use of Safer and More Valuable Chemicals, and the Development of Manufacturing Processes with Less Environmental Impact

Kao promotes the development and use of chemicals which add greater value to society with lower risk to human health and to the environment, as well as the development of manufacturing processes with less environmental impact.

(2) Chemicals Management throughout the Entire Life Cycle of Chemicals based on Scientific Risk Assessment

Assessment methods which are both scientific and widely accepted by society are adopted to conduct risk assessments of the chemicals that Kao handles throughout their entire life cycle. Also, based on the risk evaluation results obtained, chemicals are appropriately handled and self-disciplined chemicals management is promoted.

(3) Compliance with Laws and Regulations on Chemicals and Voluntary Standards, and the Promotion of International Cooperation and Collaboration

Kao complies with the laws and regulations of each country involved in chemicals, international rules, and voluntary standards of related industry organizations in each country. Kao also promotes international cooperation and collaboration while working on actively participating in the Global Product Strategy ("GPS") which is the voluntary approach of chemical industry suggested by the International Council of Chemical Associations ("ICCA") to contribute to the realization of SAICM as well as adopting and developing systems of transferring international safety information such as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals ("GHS") which was recommended by the United Nations.

(4) Promotion of Risk Communications with Stakeholders

Kao communicates safety information through various means so that customers, consumers and workers, etc. can be assured of their safety and can handle chemicals appropriately, and further promotes the prevention of accidents and environmental protection. Furthermore, in addition to endeavoring to disclose information as required to related stakeholders Kao also strives to deepen mutual understanding through communication and to obtain the support and trust of stakeholders.

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