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Kao Environmental Statement

In June 2009, we announced the Kao Environmental Statement, which stipulates we will promote "eco together," working with society such as local communities, NGOs and government, business partners such as suppliers and outsourcing partners, consumers and other stakeholders across the lifecycle of Kao products - from materials procurement and manufacturing, to distribution, sales, usage and final disposal.

This Statement expresses our basic policy, based on awareness of the need for ecologically-responsible management as humankind faces increasingly serious issues such as global warming, resource shortages and loss of biodiversity. Our medium- to long-term business strategy will focus on manufacturing that reduces environmental impact and on ecology-centered management as we continue meeting our responsibilities as a user of chemicals.

Kao products are designed for everyday use, in homes around the world. With "eco together" as the theme for our activities with various stakeholders, we must work together with customers, business partners and all of society to reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption across the lifecycle of Kao products.

To achieve substantial reductions in CO2 emissions and water consumption, we need to move forward in eco-innovation and develop new environmental technologies. Our new Eco-Technology Research Center (ETRC), opened in June 2011, is an all-round research and development center in the environmental field. To achieve ecology-centered management, we will also actively work to develop next-generation environmental technologies.

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