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Development of environmentally conscious products

Based on product development guidelines that aim to ensure the safety and high quality of our products and reduce their environmental impact, Kao is developing eco-friendly products and putting related technologies into practical use, while implementing the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) designed to evaluate the impact of a product on the environment throughout its across life cycle, from procurement of raw materials to production, distribution, usage and disposal.

The breakdown of CO2 emissions over the lifecycle of Kao products is as follows: Emissions directly connected with production activities (development, manufacture, sales, distribution) less than 10%, procurement of raw materials and product disposal and recycling about 40%, and use of products in the home rather than 50%.

To reduce CO2 emissions, Kao is looking at ways to cut emissions during manufacture and distribution, making proactive efforts to use materials with low environmental impact, and working on development of products that will reduce environmental impact during use.

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