Participation in Japan Sustainable Palm Oil Network (JaSPON)

On April 11, 2019, 18 companies and organizations representing retailers, consumer goods manufacturers, NGOs and others established the Japan Sustainable Palm Oil Network (JaSPON) with the goal of accelerating the procurement and consumption of sustainable palm oil in the Japanese market. Kao is participating in JaSPON as its director.

Palm oil is the most widely used plant-based oil in the world, but related problems such as environmental and human rights issues have been cited in producing regions including Indonesia and Malaysia.

For the procurement of palm oil (palm kernel oil and its derivatives), a main ingredient in detergents, Kao has established the Sustainable Palm Oil Procurement Guidelines (2014) and is taking measures to confirm the traceability to plantation and zero deforestation.

Kao will continue to conduct sustainable and responsible procurement of palm oil, and together with JaSPON members will work toward the realization of sustainable palm oil procurement and consumption.



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