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Futuristic skin sensation from a single fiber*1 "FUTURE SKIN by Fine Fiber Technology"

First-ever products to apply "Fine Fiber Technology" to be released by est in Japan and Asia

Beginning from December 4, 2019, Kao Corporation (Michitaka Sawada, President) will be releasing BIOMIMESIS VEIL, a lineup of three skincare items from the prestige cosmetic brand est: an essence (¥12,000), a small, high-performance cosmetic diffuser, (¥50,000), and a cosmetic liquid (¥8,000). This is the first practical application of "Fine Fiber Technology," a new method for embracing the skin with a veil-thin membrane made up of one extremely thin fiber. Once applied after essence as the final stage of night skincare, BIOMIMESIS VEIL maintains a rich, moist skin environment overnight. Kao delivers a transformed sense of beauty that surprises and excites whoever experiences it by offering a futuristic skin experience starting from a single fiber.

  • * 1 The fibrous potion dispensed from the VEIL DIFFUSER.


Release concept

Premium products crossing the 10,000 yen price threshold are a growing segment in Japanese skincare market. This trend, a move toward luxury care, is especially noticeable at department stores. According to a recent survey by Kao, women with a strong interest in daily skincare in the Japan and Asia-wide markets are actively seeking advanced technologies and beauty care strategies. Many of them, the survey shows, are prepared to invest significant resources to become more beautiful.
To serve customers who aspire to enhanced beauty, the prestige brand est sold mainly at department stores is proposing a new skincare concept that applies Kao's breakthrough Fine Fiber Technology. In November 2019, Kao is revamping the est brand to advance the new "Growing Beauty Together" concept. As new high value-added products are introduced to the est portfolio, the consulting is also being redefined. est "Growing Partner" (beauty advisor) will propose "FUTURE SKIN by Fine Fiber Technology starting from a single fiber," as a partner committed to accompanying every customer along her path to enhanced beauty.

Features of the products

est BIOMIMESIS VEIL is a special two-stage care applied as the final step of night skincare. First, the user blends the VEIL EFFECTOR (essence) into the skin. Next, she sets her VEIL DIFFUSER (small high-performance device) with the VEIL POTION (cosmetic liquid) and sprays it gently over her skin. Once applied, the potion blends into an ultra-thin, translucent veil of a superfine fiber that stays in place overnight like a second skin and is peeled away the next morning. The veil helps to protect against dryness and maintain a moisture-rich environment, replenishing the skin with ample moisture during sleep.

Business development

est BIOMIMESIS VEIL will first be released from December 2019 at six department stores in Japan and at Beauty Base by Kao, a store run directly by Kao in Tokyo's Ginza district. Kao will begin distributing them stepwise to other major department stores in Japan from 2020. In the Asian market, est BIOMIMESIS VEIL will be introduced in stages at duty-free stores in South Korea and major sales outlets through Kao Hong Kong, Kao Singapore and Kao China. The items will also be sold through cross-border e-commerce in China, starting from January 2020. Kao will encourage the adoption of the new skincare routine by promoting its state-of-the-art Fine Fiber Technology in Japan and Asia.

Product descriptions

(Prices listed are suggested retail prices, tax excluded)

Product Name, Content, Price Product features
Main unit: ¥12,000
Refill: ¥11,500
An essence to nourish the skin with luxurious
moisture using a water-sealing formula.





「A small, high-performance device used to
diffuse VEIL POTION onto the skin. The light,
gentle spray from the diffuser forms an ultra-thin
veil that flexibly follows the contours of the skin.
Product specifications:
- Weight: ca. 230g
- Power source: Two AAA batteries (not included)
(Jointly developed with Panasonic Corporation
Appliances Co.)




A cosmetic liquid that forms an ultra-thin
veil like a second skin. Sprayed onto the
skin with the exclusive VEIL DIFFUSER, an
ultra-thin veil envelops the skin. The veil
is light, gentle and flexibly follows the
contours of the skin.




Dates of release
Initial release on December 4, 2019 at one directly managed store and six department stores
・ Directly managed store: BEAUTY BASE by Kao (Ginza, Tokyo)
・ Department stores: Isetan Shinjuku, Seibu Ikebukuro, Takashimaya Yokohama,JR Nagoya Takashimaya, Hankyu Umeda, Abeno Harukas Kintetsu
The lineup will then be released stepwise at other retail outlets, starting from 2020
Start from 2020 and gradually expand
・ Sales outlets through Kao Hong Kong, Kao Singapore, Kao Taiwan and Kao China
・ Duty-free stores in South Korea
・ Cross-border e-commerce sales will start from January 2020

■New Global Portfolio "G11"
In May 2018 Kao Corporation drew up a "New Global Portfolio" as a pillar for the group's growth strategy in cosmetics. Eleven strategic brands (G11) were selected from five cosmetics businesses (Kanebo Cosmetics, Sofina, Curel, Équipe and Molton Brown) to strengthen Kao's global cosmetic business. By fusing firm evidence with a sensuous beauty that engages all five of the senses in its own unique way, Kao seeks to further differentiate these brands and accelerate their exposure in Japan, Asia, and Europe.


This release is a translation from the Japanese version.

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