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New proposals for effective & efficient skincare:
SOFINA iP launches Double Serum System and a digital service for AI-based 24/7 beauty advice

On November 9, 2019 Kao Corporation (Michitaka Sawada, President) will be releasing BASE CARE SERUM and INTERLINK SERUM from SOFINA iP, a brand created to help women stay beautiful even when fatigued and stressed. Two items of nine SKUs will be released (at discretionary prices). Kao's newly conceived "Double Serum System"*1 provides skincare with only two serums, dispensing with lotion and emulsion altogether. SOFINA iP and Kao's newly launched "Hada*2 id" digital service make a perfect toolkit for maintaining skin beauty around the clock throughout the year. The SOFINA iP serums and Hada id service work together to nourish and sustain skin beauty amidst the stresses of daily life.

  • * 1 Skincare using two SOFINA iP serums.
  • * 2 "Hada" is the Japanese word for skin.

Leading up to the release

The new-and-improved "SOFINA iP base care essence" released in 2018 has an outstanding reputation. base care essence has been well accepted ever since its release and recently sold at the top of sales charts,*3 appealing most of all to working women who lead busy lives.
A Kao consumer survey has shown that working women, which are the target of BASE CARE SERUM, invest great energy into their activities in every part of life-in their careers, home lives, hobbies, and families-and will go to any length to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. In beauty care, as well, their ideal is effective, efficient beauty regimens that does not simply save time.
Together with the coming BASE CARE SERUM, newly improved again this year, the SOFINA iP line-up will also be releasing INTERLINK SERUM, a multi-functional serum to be applied after the BASE CARE SERUM. The coming "Double Serum System" will provide complete skincare with just two serums, dispensing with lotions and emulsion altogether. "Hada id," the digital service to be released concurrently with the Double Serum System, will provide 24/7 support to fortify the skin against daily stresses and maintain skin beauty year-round.

  • * 3 Intage SRI, Serum Market (excluding whitening products) from August 2018 to July 2019, total sales value and units per brand.

Features of the products

This is a base serum with a high-density*4 carbonated*5 foam for use after facial cleansing as a first step in skincare. BASE CARE SERUM incorporates the unique "iP Power Formula EX," with a creamy carbonated foam that spreads and holds smoothly over the visage, energizing the skin with a sensation achieved by 20 million micro-bubbles*6 . The serum permeates to the deepest level of the stratum corneum to gently soothe the skin with moisture and prepare it for the INTERLINK SERUM applied next. The BASE CARE SERUM Formula feels smoother than ever before. BASE CARE SERUM provides dense moisture to skin that tends to harden in severely dry environments.


INTERLINK SERUM is applied after BASE CARE SERUM to smoothly condition and beautify the stratum corneum. The Interlink Formula combines the functions of lotion and emulsion, rapidly delivering beauty ingredients*7 to skin that tends to harden in severely dry environments, along with lasting moisture. The INTERLINK SERUM is available in three optimal formulas: "softening moisture" "lifting moisture" and "brightening moisture"


  • * 4 Compared with previous Kao products.
  • * 5 Carbon Dioxide Gas (propellent)
  • * 6 Number of bubbles calculated in a single dab applied to the skin.
  • * 7 Moisturization: Amidinoproline, Diglycol Guanidine Succinate, Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide

The new digital service

In September 2019 Kao will be launching "Hada id," a digital service provided via the LINE messaging app ("hada" is the Japanese word for skin). With a simple facial photograph uploaded by smartphone, the Hada id uses artificial intelligence to analyze the current of the skin and return beauty care information tailored to the user's skin and skincare preferences 24/7, every day of the year. Hada id supports customers who wish to stay beautiful moment by moment throughout their busy lives. Additional features will be rolled out after the service debut.



Product descriptions (discretionary pricing)

Name of product, items, volume Product features
three items

Main item: 90 g
Refill: 90 g / 180 g
A high-density carbonated foam serum to smoothen skin that tends to harden in severely dry environments. Supplies a dense, nourishing moisture that permeates to the deepest layer of the stratum corneum.
- Unique iP Power Formula EX
A creamy, carbonated foam rich in micro-bubbles (around 20 million bubbles per dab) that spreads smoothly over the skin and holds snugly.
- The serum permeates the deepest layer of the stratum corneum.
Smoothens the skin surface while gently soothing the skin with moisture and enhancing the uptake of the next serum to be applied.
- Contains the moisturizing ingredient "iP Complex D" (Dipropylene Glycol, Propanediol, PEG-32).
three types, six SKUs s

softening moisture
lifting moisture
brightening moisture

Main item: 55 g each
Refill: 55 g each
INTERLINK SERUM comes in three different formulas to be chosen according to skin preferences. The serum rapidly delivers beauty ingredients to skin that tends to harden in severely dry environments, locking in moisture.
- "Interlink Formula" combining moisturizing lotion and emulsion functions.

softening moisture:
- Contains the moisturizing ingredient "iP Complex SF" (Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Extract, PEG-32).
- A thick but smooth-spreading texture.

lifting moisture:
- Contains the moisturizing ingredient "iP Complex LF" (Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) Seed Extract, Butylene Glycol).
- Bouncy texture that snug holds.

brightening moisture:
- Contains the moisturizing ingredient "iP Complex BR" (Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Dipropylene Glycol ).
- Non-sticky, amply moist texture.

◆Release date and locations◆
Japan: November 9, 2019
Scheduled for stepwise release in Asia through Kao Taiwan, Kao Hong Kong, Kao Singapore, and Kao China from spring 2020.

◆Main retail outlets◆
Japan: Drugstores, general merchandise stores (GMS), some online stores

This release is a translation from the Japanese version.

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