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Concealing Spots That Normal Foundation Is Powerless to Hide: BIOMIMESIS VEIL FIXER

- FUTURE SKIN by Fine Fiber Technology -

This release is a translation from the Japanese version.

Kao Corporation (Michitaka Sawada, President) offers a new dimension* of makeup from BIOMIMESIS VEIL, an ensemble of products that apply Kao's forefront Fine Fiber Technology. On March 5, 2021, Kao will be introducing BIOMIMESIS VEIL FIXER, a makeup base in the BIOMIMESIS series released from two brands –Kao's est brand and Kanebo's SENSAI (priced at ¥6,000 or ¥6,600, including tax).
VEIL FIXER is applied over an ultra-thin veil of BIOMIMESIS VEIL POTION (cosmetic liquid) sprayed on the skin with the VEIL DIFFUSER (device). When used together with regular makeups such as foundation, BIOMIMESIS VEIL covers spots that would normally cannot be thoroughly concealed using conventional foundation. The BIOMIMESIS fine fiber technology brings out a natural and distinctive skin beauty.

  • * Within the product ranges from Kao and Kanebo

Leading up to the release

The Kao group debuted the BIOMIMESIS series in December 2019 with the release of the VEIL POTION cosmetic liquid, BIOMIMESIS VEIL DIFFUSER device, and BIOMIMESIS VEIL EFFECTOR, a beauty essence that nourishes the skin with ample, luxuriant moisture.
BIOMIMESIS VEIL is a special two-stage care applied as the final step of night skincare. In the first step, the user applies the VEIL EFFECTOR (essence) to the skin. Next, she charges her VEIL DIFFUSER (small high-performance device) with the VEIL POTION (cosmetic liquid) and sprays it gently over her skin. Once applied, the POTION forms an ultra-thin veil that stays in place overnight to maintain a moisture-rich skin environment. The BIOMIMESIS VEIL method is already a favorite of women who have high sense of beauty, considered as if receiving a special beauty salon treatment. The upcoming BIOMIMESIS VEIL releases in 2021 will expand the application of the technology to makeup.
According to Kao surveys conducted in 2019, about half of the women in Japan who visit department stores to purchase cosmetics are concerned about spots and try to conceal them with makeup. Yet, these very same women feel that makeup will only get them so far.
The surveys also revealed that people tend to focus on the cheeks when they judge the beauty of another person's skin.
This insight led to the development of a makeup method that also conceals spots on the cheeks, from the BIOMIMESIS VEIL series. BIOMIMESIS adopts a novel approach* to achieving beautiful skin in two steps. First, the user applies an ultra-fine veil by spraying the VEIL POTION with the VEIL DIFFUSER over her skin. Next, she blends the VEIL FIXER over the veil.

  • * Within the product ranges from Kao and Kanebo

Product features

The newly released VEIL FIXER is a makeup base applied with a sponge over the ultra-thin BIOMIMESIS VEIL. BIOMIMESIS VEIL can be sprayed with the VEIL DIFFUSER on areas where spots are a concern, especially around the cheeks. When foundation goes over the VEIL FIXER it significantly banishes spots that regular makeup is powerless to hide.
When applied on top of the ultra-thin BIOMIMESIS VEIL, the makeup base improves the hold of the veil on the skin. As the veil smoothens the skin over the cheeks, it leaves a perfect base layer for an even, flawless application of foundation. The foundation powder is held uniformly within the fibrous structure of the ultra-thin veil applied by the VEIL DIFFUSER and adheres firmly like a second skin. The foundation naturally conceals spots to create a lasting impression of skin beauty.

Application steps


Product Descriptions

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Manufacturer Name of product, volume, price Product features

A makeup base applied over the ultra-thin
BIOMEMISIS VEIL formed by spraying VEIL
POTION onto the skin with the VEIL
DIFFUSER. VEIL FIXER improves the hold of
the VEIL, helping to smoothen out uneven
areas of the skin and building a perfect layer
for uniform application of foundation. From the
moment it goes on, the foundation blends
with the skin to naturally conceal spots on the
Cosmetics Inc.


Release dates

In Japan: March 5, 2021 at about 100 department stores that handle est products nationwide (presale at BEAUTY BASE by Kao, a store run directly by Kao in Tokyo's Ginza district on January 22, 2021)
Overseas: Scheduled for stepwise release at overseas sales outlets

In Japan: March 5, 2021 at the Isetan Shinjuku, Hankyu Umeda Honten, and JR Nagoya Takashimaya department stores
Overseas: Scheduled for stepwise release in European countries where BIOMIMESIS products are available

About Kao

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