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A New Veil Applicator for Biomimesis Veil from est and SENSAI Veiling the Skin Around the Eyes and Lips with Fine Fiber Technology

On September 4, 2020, Kao Corporation (Michitaka Sawada, President) will introduce the Veil Applicator, a uniquely contoured sponge that makes it easier to apply Biomimesis Veil skincare around the eyes and mouth. Priced at 2,200 yen (2,420 yen with tax), the Veil Applicator will expand usage options and deepen user satisfaction with Biomimesis Veil products from Kao's est brand and Kanebo Cosmetics' SENSAI brand.
The Veil Applicator launch will be scheduled to coincide with the expanded introduction of the SENSAI Biomimesis Veil in Europe.

Aim of the release

Since its introduction in December 2019, Biomimesis Veil has offered users a new night care concept: an ultra-thin veil sprayed directly over the skin with a diffuser to maintain an optimum moisturizing environment during sleep. The target areas first recommended for Biomimesis Veil night care were the cheeks and forehead. Kao Laboratories have now succeeded in developing a special Veil Applicator that opens up new application possibilities of Biomimesis Veil for delicate skin prone to dryness, in particular the areas around the eyes and mouth. The user applies the veil in two simple steps with the Veil Applicator: First, the veil is applied to the surface of the applicator using the dedicated Veil Diffuser. Next, the veil on the applicator surface is transferred with a few gentle dabs to the desired areas of the skin that are too delicate or too difficult to cover via direct application with the diffuser.


About the product and method of use

Biomimesis Veil is a high-powered care series that uses a dedicated diffuser device to spray a Veil Potion (cosmetic liquid) onto the skin. The potion is positively charged in the diffuser device and attracted to the negatively charged skin surface. In less than a second, a single thread sprayed from the Diffuser forms an ultra-thin, layered membrane on the skin. The upcoming Veil Applicator is a sponge applicator specially developed to apply the veil snugly onto delicate and difficult-to-cover sections of skin around the nose, mouth and eyes.
First, the veil is sprayed from the Biomimesis Veil Diffuser onto the applicator. Next, the applicator transfers the veil gently onto the skin. The spongy texture of the Veil Applicator brings a supple, pliant sensation to the skin as the veil forms.




Product Descriptions

Indicated prices are the manufacturer's recommended retail prices

Manufacturer Name of product, price Product features
est Biomimesis Veil Applicator
(makeup tool)
Main unit: ¥2,200
A dedicated applicator that applies a veil to
difficult-to-cover areas of skin, such as
around the eyes and lips.
Skin-gentle, flexible, and pleasant to the touch,
the applicator blends the veil naturally onto skin.
Cosmetics Inc.
SENSAI Biomimesis Veil
(makeup tool)
Main unit: ¥2,200

Release date

est Biomimesis Veil Applicator

Scheduled for release in Japan on September 4, 2020.
To be released in stages through duty-free stores in South Korea, through Kao Hong Kong, Kao Singapore, Kao Taiwan, and Kao China, starting from September 2020. Also to be sold through cross-border e-commerce.


est Biomimesis Veil
Photograph (right): est Biomimesis Veil Applicator

SENSAI Biomimesis Veil Applicator

Scheduled for release in Japan on September 4, 2020.
The debut of the Biomimesis Veil Applicator is scheduled in synch with expanded distribution of the Biomimesis series in European markets. In addition to France and the United Kingdom, SENSAI Biomimesis Veil products will be introduced in nine more European countries, including Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, through Kanebo Cosmetics subsidiaries and distributors. The range will also be sold at duty-free stores in Japan and South Korea, and later through cross-border e-commerce.


SENSAI Biomimesis Veil
Photograph (right): SENSAI Biomimesis Veil Applicator

Future expectations for Biomimesis

"Many Biomimesis Veil purchasers asked us if there was a way to use this unique technology to apply intensive moisture care to the eyes and mouths," explains Dr. Dominic Pratt, Vice President, Research and Development Skin Care Products Research at Kao. "This was a challenge, as conventional sponge applicators are incompatible with the ultra-fine Biomimesis Veil film. With help from one of our ingenious young researchers, we developed a special applicator that beautifully transfers the Biomimesis Veil to the skin areas around the eyes and mouth, which are typically the areas most affected by dryness."
Pratt shares his high hopes for the future application of Fine Fiber technology: "Biomimesis has the potential to be applied to many fields. While our current focus is night care, we are accelerating our efforts to utilize this technology for day care and make-up, as well. We expect to bring innovate new solutions based on Fine Fiber Technology.

About Kao

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