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The Japan Tennis Association Adopts Bioré UV as Its Official Sunscreen

Tokyo—Under a sponsorship agreement recently signed with Kao Corporation, the Japan Tennis Association (JTA) will be adopting Bioré UV sun care products as its officially recognized sunscreens.
Kao and the JTA will be working together to promote sunburn awareness not just in professional tennis players, but in all of Japan's more than four million amateur tennis players. Awareness-raising activities will be staged in tournaments, schools, and JTA-sponsored events to alert players and fans to the importance of outdoor UV protection.


Background to this new venture

Tennis enthusiasts on both professional and amateur levels enjoy the game at all stages of their lives. From April 2020, Japan's ministry of education will be introducing tennis and related sports into the physical education curriculum at Japanese primary schools, which is certain to expand the tennis popularity in Japan. Sun exposure is a real concern for tennis players, as most courts are outdoors and the game play can continue for hours. Protections against heat and sunburn are essential. The JTA has begun to strengthen its attempts raise player awareness about the protective measures they should take. Kao, a provider of sun care products, has concluded a sponsorship agreement with the JTA to make Bioré UV the association's official sunscreen brand. Kao and the JTA will be working together at tennis tournaments, tennis schools, and related events to spread awareness of the importance of sunburn prevention and the appropriate use of UV products.
Since its release, the products from Kao's dedicated sun care brand Bioré UV quickly became popular for their stress-free skin sensation and suitability for daily use. The sun's rays are likely to become stronger with the advance of climate change, leading to a hotter, more humid atmosphere. As the climate changes, sunscreens will become a more important part of daily skincare. Athlizm, a core sunscreen in the Bioré UV line-up, forms a durable film that stays in place even on heavily perspiring skin on hot and humid days. Kao continues to develop new Bioré UV products to meet the sun protection needs of a widening base of customers including Kids UV, a gentle sunscreen for young children.
Kao will be supporting not just tennis players, but everyone who plays sports under the sun, to keep them active outdoors without worries about UV effects and other environmental stresses.

Future schedule

Kao will cooperate to educate the national tennis team and other top players as well as athletes, spectators and staff at JTA-sponsored tournaments on the importance of sunburn protection.

The core Bioré UV product line-up



A long-lasting sunscreen that strongly resists perspiration and water. Stays working under extreme environmental conditions of up to 40°C and 75% humidity.

Bioré UV Athlizm Sunburn Protect Milk
Protects the skin from the burning sensation caused by sunlight*1 exposure. Blocks both strong ultraviolet and infrared rays

Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk
Silky-touch milk that glides on the skin with a smooth sensation.

Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Essence
A moist-to-the-touch essence. Feels smooth on the skin after blending in.

Bioré UV Athlizm Skin Protect Spray
A UV spray that forms a veil with a firm hold to provide even, overall protection covering every part of the skin.

Aqua Rich

A sunscreen with a light, watery sensation that provides even application down to microscopic gaps in the skin.

Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence
A watery essence with a transparent texture that blends effortlessly with the skin.

Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel
A watery gel that presents the whole body in a clear, beautiful tone through an optical veil effect.


A sunscreen that protects children’s sensitive skin from UV with a mineral barrier*2 (zero UV absorption formula with an SPF50 rating)

Bioré UV Kids Pure Milk
A sunscreen that strongly resists perspiration, water, abrasion, and sand. Protects children’s skin from UV while they play under the sun.

  • * 1 UV rays
  • * 2 UV block veil including UV scattering agents

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