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Merries Kids’ Park to Open at Narita Airport

– Spending time at the airport with children more fun and memorable –

Kao has designed the kids’ park at Narita Airport on the theme of Merries the popular baby diaper brand. The park will open on December 20. Kao aims to help make overseas trips with children more fun and memorable.


Design image (Kids’ Park)

Background of the initiative

Kao has strived to maintain the quality of Merries as being the world’s most “gentle-to-skin baby diaper” since its launch in 1983. The brand slogan “Smile & Smile” expresses the importance of promoting the comfort and care of babies’ skin and emotions and keeping a smile on their face as well as the wish to surround them with cheerful smiles.
The number of airport users is expected to increase as Japan plans to hold various events. Kao hopes that the new kids’ space featuring the Merries design will allow passengers with children to have fun taking pictures with a Japanese trip-themed background. Kao aims to help make overseas trips more fun and memorable for babies, children, and the people around them.

About the kids’ space featuring the Merries design

By Gate 51 (After Passport Control Area), Terminal 1 South Wing 3F, Narita International Airport

Opens at 9:00 a.m. on December 20, 2019

*The facility is free for passengers with children departing from or in transit at Terminal 1.

About the design

<Kids’ Park>
The Kids’ Park features Japanese-style scenery, with lovely trick art photo spots where guests can take pictures as if they’re under a cherry blossom tree in full bloom or in front of a row of shrine gates. There is also a charming mat to take a baby pictures with the cheerful design. In addition, video about Merries will play on the monitor on the wall.


From left: Cherry blossom tree in full bloom, row of shrine gates, and charming mat for taking pictures

<Nursing room>
The nursing room is in soft and relaxing colors with motifs of the Merries Bunnies.


From left: Nursing room, diaper-changing space

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