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Kao Selected as a Health and Productivity Management Brand for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Also Recognized as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization under the Large Enterprise Category (White 500) for the Third Consecutive Year

Kao Corporation was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), for the fifth consecutive year, as a "health and productivity management brand" among listed companies in recognition of its outstanding health-conscious management. Kao was also recognized by METI, for the third consecutive year, as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500) for its outstanding practice of health-conscious management.

The program for selecting health and productivity management brands was launched in 2015 through joint cooperation between METI and TSE as part of the activities of the Japan Revitalization Strategy. The program recognizes companies that set the management of employee health as a corporate management issue and actively implement relevant strategies.

White 500 was jointly established by METI and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi in 2017 to recognize large organizations, including listed companies, that practice the health and productivity management in collaboration with health insurance society members and other associations.


Kao's activities

Based on the Kao Group Health Declaration established in 2008, Kao is engaged in health management mobilizing a robust organizational framework led by a dedicated department and involving the participation of the employer, the health insurance union, industrial healthcare staff, and external specialists. In 2017, Kao launched the Kao GENKI Project to promote the health maintenance of employees and their families as a key activity for achieving K20, the Kao Group Mid-term Plan with a target year of 2020. Kao is using the know-how it has built up in the area of health to implement innovative programs, and is assessing their efficacy and making improvements using collected health data.

Smoking was prohibited during work hours starting in January 2018. At the same time, smoking areas were reduced and moved outdoors to prevent passive smoking. This has resulted in a decreasing trend in the prevalence of smoking. In addition, rectifying work hours is positioned as a priority measure, with related improvements made each year aiming to establish a flexible and efficient work system. At the same time, Kao is also striving to improve workplace environments, including conducting health checks with the goal of providing early intervention in the case of overwork and stress caused by long work hours.

Kao also provides Smart Washoku (healthy dishes at the office cafeteria), promotes walking using the Hoco Touch, a pedometer that measures calorie loss and gives users health advice, holds sessions to measure visceral fat, and offers other fun ways to promote health awareness including using online tools. Kao will continue innovating its work environments to benefit physical and mental health while upgrading its health-conscious programs and individual-based approaches.

Kao will continue to make efforts to maintain the physical and mental health of employees and to contribute to realizing the enrichment of the lives of people through Yoki-Monozukuri (providing products and brands of excellent value) by taking the perspective of consumers and customers.

  • * "Health and Productivity Management" is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee.

About Kao

Kao creates high-value-added products that enrich the lives of consumers around the world. Through its portfolio of over 20 leading brands such as Attack, Bioré, Goldwell, Jergens, John Frieda, Kanebo, Laurier, Merries and Molton Brown, Kao is part of the everyday lives of people in Asia, Oceania, North America and Europe. Combined with its chemical division, which contributes to a wide range of industries, Kao generates about 1,500 billion yen in annual sales. Kao employs about 33,000 people worldwide and has 130 years of history in innovation. Please visit the Kao Group website for updated information.

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