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Shareholders Meeting

The 113th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Start: 10:00
Finish: 12:16
Place: The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, Ballroom, B2 (8-1 Shiba Koen 4-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
The number of shareholders in attendance: 1,300 (The total number of shareholders entering by the end of the meeting: 2,133)
The number of Directors in attendance: 7
The number of Audit and Supervisory Board Members in attendance: 5
The number of Executive Officers in attendance (including ones holding the post of Directors concurrently ): 29

Major questions from shareholders
■ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

・Environmental measures for disposable diapers
・Response to improper accounting at overseas subsidiaries or quality improprieties
・Activities of the Audit & Supervisory Members concerning ESG management and internal control
■Business Strategy
・Cosmetics Business Strategy in China
・Commercialization of technology innovation
・Features and sales channels of Rerise, gray hair care product
・Synergetic effects between Sofina and Kanebo Cosmetics and its future direction
・Overseas business status and its financial disclosure
・Business strategies in Asia including China, the Middle East and South America
■Human Resources
・Employee turnover rate
・Approach to work-style reform and employees' side job
・Activities concerning foreign investors
・Opinions about the TV advertising and the content of the sponsored program
・Reasons for increase in goodwill and status of intangible assets on balance sheet

Convocation Notice of the 113th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

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