Michitaka Sawada


Director, Chair

Michitaka Sawada


Apr. 1981 Joined Kao Corporation
Jul. 2003 Vice President, Sanitary Products Research Laboratories
Jun. 2006 Executive Officer
Apr. 2007 Vice President, Global Research & Development, Human Health Care
Jun. 2008 Director, Executive Officer
Jun. 2012 Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
Jan. 2014 Responsible for Product Quality Management
Jan. 2016 Responsible for Corporate Strategy
Jan. 2019 Responsible for Human Capital Development
Jan. 2021 Director, Chair (current)

Other material position(s)

Outside Director, Panasonic Holdings Corporation
Outside Director, Nitto Denko Corporation
Outside Director, Komatsu Ltd.

Reasons for the appointment

Ever since assuming office as Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer in 2012, Mr. Sawada has made a significant contribution in enhancing corporate value by promoting the "Yoki-Monozukuri"* philosophy which emphasizes R&D. In January 2021, he assumed the position of Director, Chair, and has since supervised management based on experience and expertise as Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer and promoted external activities by serving as Chair of the Japan Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA), which carries out initiatives to address the problem of marine plastic waste. In addition to contributing to the development of next-generation leaders by creating opportunities for direct dialogue with Kao Group employees, he has actively given opinions at meetings of the Board of Directors, such as raising issues extracted from the dialogue. Having determined that Mr. Sawada will utilize the aforementioned experience and knowledge, to further contribute to enhancing the corporate value of the Kao Group, the Company hereby appoints him as a Director.

  • * In Japanese, "yoki" means good or excellent, and "monozukuri" means making or craftsmanship. For us, Yoki-Monozukuri means an excellent creation process that is good for everyone involved and enriches the lives of consumers and customers.
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