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Happy Birthday! Welcome to this world!For your precious baby's skin 7 gifts from Merries diapers

Happy Birthday! Welcome to this world!For your precious baby's skin 7 gifts from Merries diapers

Happy Birthday! Welcome to this world!For your precious baby's skin 7 gifts from Merries diapers

Tape Diapers

Merries - Exceptional breathability

Newborn size

Recommended weight

Birth - 5 kg


60 pieces
24 pieces

Tape Diapers Newborn size

No. 1 recommendation by mother in Japan

No.1 recommendation
by Mothers in Japan

Gentle to the skin 1

Long-lasting dryness

Triple layer air-through system

Your baby's skin is so delicate!




Your baby's skin is only half as thick as an adult's skin.

A newborn baby's skin is only half the thickness of an adult's skin — so thin and delicate.

The moisture level in the diaper can go up to 80%*1

A newly wet diaper might seem to have absorbed the pee immediately, but it's surprisingly still moist in there. Remember that babies sweat twice as much as adults*2, thus the pee and poo can irritate the baby's moist and sweaty skin, causing diaper rash.

Stuffiness and moisture makes the skin soggy, which is a cause of diaper rash.


  1. *1 Kao measured value: The moisture level is measured while the diaper is worn
  2. *2 Amount of sweat produced per unit area

Breathability that removes moisture and stuffiness is so important!


The Triple layer air-through system expels moisture and stuffiness from the insides of the diaper

Long-lasting dryness
Secret 1

40% more breathability
Even more gentle on the skin


Long-lasting dryness
Secret 2

Only half the moisture remains on the skin, even when the diaper has been worn for a long time
The dryness lasts even after baby has peed four times.


Long-lasting dryness means that you can have a peace of mind even if you are out and about or missed a night change


From the triple layer air-through system 97% of mothers find  a drier bottom for their babies! *Kao survey, September 2015

Even after my baby has peed a lot, his bottom never felt wet. It's incredible how a diaper can absorb so much moisture!


I checked the dryness of my baby's bottom several times while changing her diaper, and I was surprised to find how dry it was!


There's no dampness on my baby's bottom even after changing the diaper that my baby has worn overnight!


Gentle to the skin 2

Side gathers to prevent leakage

Prevents dispersion of poo

The wavy surface traps and holds poo!

Cross-section diagram

The recessed areas of the soft sheet effectively trap the soft poo and prevent it from dispersing.

No leakage!

Gathers around the legs

Gentle to the skin 3

Superb absorbency

The polymers in Merries diapers can absorb up to
200 - 300 times

the weight of fluid relative to its weight.
You can have a peace of mind even on mornings when your baby has peed a lot overnight

Prevents leakage

Gentle to the skin 4

Ultra soft and fluffy surface that is gentle to baby's delicate skin

Inner surface

Light airy wavy mesh  Wavy surface

The wavy surface reduces the skin contact area so that it does not stick to baby's skin

Absorbent sheet


A flexible fit that changes shape to fit baby's bottom

Outer surface


Smooth touch



Soft fit

Gentle to the skin 5

Cute Merries bunnies designs

These cute designs will bring a smile to your face

These cute designs will bring a smile to your face

These cute designs will bring a smile to your face

Soft and gentle like an underwear!
Cute pastel colors and a stylish textile design that brings a smile every day.
The bunnies' designs changes with each diaper size.

There are five different designs with one design in each pack.


Gentle to the skin 6

Soft Reusable Magic Seal

The green seal is easy to spot even during night changes.Rounded corners

The corners are rounded and made of a soft material that is gentle and does not scratch the baby's skin.
And the reusable seal is so convenient!

Gentle to the skin 7

Color-changing wetness indicators


When the strips change color to dark blue, it is time to change the diaper! There's no design around the strips, making it easy to see when the color changes.

Your baby's smile tells you that they're happy and comfortable.
That's why Merries places so much importance on skin gentleness.
If your baby's smile makes you smile, your baby will smile even more!
Smile & Smile
—that's what Merries aims for!


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