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Liese 4-Steps to a Radiant Crown of Glory

July, 2012

Petaling Jaya, July 2012 - Cassis Berry, Sweet Apricot, Mocha Orange, Milk Tea Brown, Marshmallow Brown, Chestnut Brown, Dark Chocolat, Chiffon Biege, Classic Chocolat and Black Tea Brown – are these new desserts or your favorite ice cream flavours? As delicious as they may sound, these names are not edible. These are some of the Liese Bubble Hair Color’s variant to create a vibrant and confident individual.

Liese Bubble Hair Color is the first in Malaysia that uses bubbles technology for hair colorant. So unlike conventional hair color, Liese Bubble Hair Color makes coloring hair at home easy and fun with just 4 simple steps - combine-mix-squeeze and massage.

Liese Bubble Hair Color’s foam now is thicker and creamier because it contains high purity honey. With more bubbles wrapping your entire head of hair, you will enjoy more evenly colored hair. The thicker bubbles have greater moisturising power resulting in more lustrous locks. Coloring the back of your head is now a breeze!. On top of that the rinse-off moisturizing treatment that helps protect and leave hair feeling smooth and radiant.

And now Liese Bubble Hair Color’s new Dark Tone can cover grey hair too!, it is available in 5 new shades which are the Antique Rose, Classic Chocolat, Black tea Brown, Elegant Ash and Natural Black.

Why Dark Tones? It is because dark hair is striking. It is noticeable in a really particular way. It can offer a seductive, glossy and healthy look. It can add an unmistakable mysterious quality to a person's image. Dark hair also has an edginess that adds to its wearer's appeal a brooding and passionate effect. It gets women noticed. That is the reason why women prefer to retain their dark hair.

Dark hair color can actually make some hairstyles look even better because it draws attention to the vertical lines of certain cuts, dramatically accentuating them. Even short crops tend to work better because the dark color works to promote their shape.

So ladies, start getting back to your natural color today with Liese Dark Tones.

Liese retails at RM38 per bottle and is available in all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide.
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